About The Brand

Lover’s Tempo is an approachable and expressive jewelry line run by two creatively driven women who truly know what it’s like to yearn for a sense of classic style, ease and substance in today’s hyper-connected world. We operate from the belief that small moves make a big impact, which is why our collections focus on fine details that add a touch of brilliance to your everyday style. Just like you, we’ve got big plans – and our dreams are reflected in each and every piece we design out of our beautiful studio in Vancouver, Canada. We are endlessly inspired by everyday creativity, and we believe that feeling your finest should be the most effortless part of your busy day.

Who We Are

What started as a hobby for founder Elaine Kim has evolved into Lover’s Tempo, a Vancouver-based jewelry brand run by two creative women with a passion for business. After meeting and working with marketing consultant Leslie Hoolaeff in 2014, the pair bonded over similar entrepreneurial values. Realizing they shared a common vision for the future of Lover’s Tempo, they decided to partner in 2017 to scale the brand to new heights.

Today, you’ll find Lover’s Tempo operating in a beautiful, bright and airy studio in East Vancouver. Tucked into a building on Fraser Street, our studio is filled to the brim with luscious plants, vintage furniture and an open concept workspace. Elaine designs each piece right here in our studio before production begins with select manufacturers in South Korea and China. From planning our Instagram posts to shipping orders our small team of five women bring individuality and enthusiasm to every detail it takes to create the brand. It’s a busy place but we all have a lot of fun!

About The Designer

For Vancouver jewelry designer Elaine Kim, art and business go hand in hand for her brand, Lover’s Tempo. Starting out creating accessories as a way to be creative, her
designs gained popularity with friends and began to grow from there. Inspired by her love of entrepreneurship, Elaine started this venture as a one woman operation. In the beginning, she took on everything from the brand photography to hand writing invoices. From the humble beginnings of knocking on the doors of local shops with a suitcase of homemade pieces, ten years later Lover’s Tempo is being sold in boutiques across North America.

With a background in Art History, Elaine’s main inspirations come from fashion, architecture, interior design as well as designs and colours found in natural environments. From a young age, Elaine has always loved creating art. When she started making jewelry she found she was applying the same principles of traditional art forms to jewelry design. For her, jewelry became a way to express finding a beautiful balance of composition, colour and of course, style.

Never one to follow trends to a T, her pieces are very much born from interpreting what women are looking for in an accessory and turning that mood into an idea for new collections. Each piece is designed to represent the perfect balance of clean lines, a sophisticated colour palette, balances of textures and compositions and just the right amount of delicate detailing. An avid traveller (and, fun fact, a flight attendant for the past 11 years), Elaine’s knowledge of North American customers brings a thorough understanding and unique freshness to her designs.

Keeping the modern woman in mind as her muse, Elaine thinks about what she would want to wear and how she would express herself. Her pieces mesh the perfect blend of sophisticated femininity with just the right amount of effortlessness. The role Lover’s Tempo strives to represent in the ever-changing fashion industry is definitely inclusivity. She thoughtfully creates designs that can be universally worn by women of any age and lifestyle and says a main goal is to never be lofty or unattainable.

The future for Lover’s Tempo is full of excitement, growth and optimism. Taking off from a hobby and turning into a full-fledged business endeavour with an ever-growing team of employees, manufacturers, retail partners and customers, Elaine says there is no limit to what they can do. 

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